AVOID AUSTIN TEXAS Unless You Can Handle These 5 Things!

AVOID AUSTIN TEXAS Unless You Can Handle These 5 Things!


Austin, the capital city of Texas, is a vibrant and dynamic place with a lot to offer. From its active lifestyle to its booming tech scene, the city has become a magnet for newcomers. However, before you pack your bags and head to the Live Music Capital of the World, there are five crucial aspects to consider. Let's dive into these considerations to help you decide whether Austin is the right fit for you.

  1. The Heat Challenge:

Living in Austin means embracing the Texas heat, and it's not for the faint of heart. With scorching summers that can stretch over 100°F for extended periods, you'll need a game plan. Whether it's seeking refuge in air-conditioned spaces or enjoying the many water options, surviving the heat is a part of the Austin experience. While the summer months can be tough, the rest of the year's outdoor opportunities and vibrant city life make it worthwhile.

  1. Traffic Woes:

Austin's traffic situation might not rival some major cities, but it's a concern worth noting. Rush hour can mean sitting in traffic for a considerable time, and the public transit system, though available, is not widely adopted. The city's attempt to revamp public transit through Project Connect faced budget constraints, leaving much to be desired. Considering your commute preferences and the city's traffic patterns is crucial when contemplating a move.

  1. Rapid Urban Growth:

Austin has transformed from a cozy town to a bustling metropolis. The skyline is now adorned with skyscrapers, and the constant construction of condo and office buildings showcases the city's growth trajectory. While the outskirts still maintain a small-town feel, the overall urban sprawl is undeniable. The surge in tech companies setting up shop, including giants like Apple, Google, and Tesla, has fueled Austin's rapid expansion.

  1. Affordability Challenges:

Austin's popularity comes at a cost, and affordability is a significant concern. The median household income has risen, but so have home prices. The question arises: Can the median earner afford the median-priced home? With the tight housing market, potential residents need to carefully assess their financial situation and explore options beyond the city center to find a balance between living costs and lifestyle.

  1. Bug Life:

Austin's lush greenery and outdoor spaces come with a downside – bugs. From scorpions to snakes, and cicada killer wasps to ants, the city earned its spot as the fourth buggiest city on Thumbtack. Choosing a home near green belts might offer privacy but also invites a host of insects. Regular pest control is recommended to keep these unwanted visitors at bay.


While Austin has a lot to offer, prospective residents should weigh these considerations carefully. The city's unique blend of culture, technology, and outdoor activities might be a perfect fit for some, but it's essential to be aware of the challenges before making the move. Austin's dynamic lifestyle and diverse opportunities continue to attract newcomers, and by understanding these key factors, you'll be better equipped to decide whether Austin is the right place for you.

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