The Popularity of Kyle, Texas: Exploring the Best Suburbs in the Austin Area

The Popularity of Kyle, Texas: Exploring the Best Suburbs in the Austin Area

Are you considering a move to the Austin area but are unsure of where to settle down? With the surge of people relocating to Austin, many suburbs have gained popularity over the last few years. In this post, we'll explore why Kyle, Texas has become such a desirable location and if it might be the perfect fit for you.

First, let's get familiar with Kyle's location. It's a city located south of Austin, approximately a 25 to 30-minute drive from downtown with no traffic. As of 2020, Kyle's population was around 51,000 people and has seen fast growth in recent years, up around 11,000 people from the 2010 census. It's located in Hays County, south of Buda, and in the corridor between Austin and San Antonio. This location has been one of the primary reasons for the city's rapid growth.

One notable development in the area is the almost completed Costco. When Costco opens in an area, there is a lot of thought and research that goes into it, making Kyle and the surrounding area a great potential investment opportunity in the future.

What can you do in Kyle? Well, there's an EVO Cinemas, which offers a range of entertainment options, including a restaurant and bowling alley. There are also several big retailers like Home Depot and Target in the area. For a more charming experience, check out downtown Kyle's main street district, where you'll find several little shops, the Texas Pie Company, and great restaurants. Kyle is also home to the upcoming Brick and Mortar District, which will be located at the corner of Kohler's Crossing and 1626, aka Kyle Parkway. This development will have around 2,000 homes, 300,000 square feet of commercial space, 35 acres of parkland, and an amphitheater for shows, making it a great place to gather, shop, and have fun.

If you're thinking of moving to Kyle and buying a home, here's what you can expect: as of today, the median sales price for active homes on the market is $435,000. However, most of the homes on the market are new constructions, and the median sales price for new constructions is $485,000. In the last year, the median sold price was around $405,000, which is a significant increase from the past. Many homes in the area used to be under $200,000 or around $200,000, but the surge in demand has driven up the prices.

There are several new communities to keep an eye on, such as Anthem, Talavera, Six Creeks, Cypress Forest, and new homes in Plum Creek. Established neighborhoods like Hometown Kyle or the more mature homes in Plum Creek are great options for resale homes.

If you have children, you're probably wondering about the schools in Kyle. The city is part of the Hays Independent School District, and while some of the highest-rated schools are closer to the Dripping Springs area, Kyle's schools are middle of the road in terms of ratings. With the influx of people moving to the area, the school ratings may improve over time.

In summary, if you're looking for a slower-paced lifestyle just outside of Austin, Kyle could be an excellent option for you. While it's only a short drive from downtown, there is plenty to do in the area, making it a self-sufficient city. If you have any questions about moving to Kyle, buying or selling a home, or anything related to real estate in Austin, Ian Grossman, your realtor in Austin, Texas, is here to help. Be sure to hit that subscribe button for more informative content on all things Austin real estate.

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